GrimoireMagick.Org represents  “the irrefutable wisdom or irredeemable folly of a young heart with a very old soul”, and is the brainchild of  a Grimoiric Magus and author of The Book of Abrasax, which expounds the first lucid, complete and cohesive  system of Magick based on the PGM and Gnostic Magickal traditions of antiquity as well as Scarlet Imprint’s Crossed Keys, and contributor to Hadean Press’  masterwork  The Conjure Codex. This site and theauthor’s blog,  The Lion’s Den are intended as resources for the aspiring and adept Grimoiric Magus alike, and it is his hope that through utilization hereof, the Grimoiric Renaissance in which we find ourselves may be furthered through educated discussion and debate.

Living Practice

The time for armchair practice is over; this is a serious and genuine tradition and Art Royale that deserves deep study. The work of the nigromancer is exactly that; work. The wisdom and power gained through working the grimoires is of the hard-won sort. You will make mistakes. You will “burn your fingers”. The Spirits of the grimoires won’t tolerate your bullshit….and after some time working, neither will you. This isn’t safe and risk-free magic–nothing ventured, nothing gained–but the rewards for genuine commitment to it are treasures that last a lifetime. The living practice of Grimoiric Magick is a path to gnosis and genuine personal power.

Grimoiric Renaissance

We are blessed with having greater opportunity now than any other in history to deeply examine the classical roots of Grimoiric Magick, and current practice is enlivened by the works of living practitioners and historical researchers alike. The aim of this site and it’s forum is to connect the practitioner with excellent resources, and to stimulate conversation and interaction that enriches the work of us all.